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Digital payment collection for construction and interior design companies

Experience hassle-free payments and access credit that help to keep your cash flow steady as you successfully handle multiple projects.

Power your construction company with Elevate
Pay anybody with Elevate Debit Card

Get paid better

Seamlessly collect payments for various projects without the need to chase for it.

Elevate Debit Card has no minimum spend or minimum balance.

Boost cash flow

Fund upfront labour and material costs while ensuring ample cash flow through the project.

Elevate Debit Card earns you unlimited 1% cashback and unlocks exclusive Mastercard Corporate Card offers and benefits

Operate confidently

Be equipped with smart tools that effortlessly manage and enhance your cash flow.

Trusted by other finance managers

"I saw a 70% improvement in efficiency and operation speed after using Elevate."

Shop Patrol

"(Elevate) helps in our mobilisation like petty cash, application fees, processing medical fees for the workers."

Du Tina Sy
Sentinelle Boutique

Limited Offer Receivable
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Only 0.01% fee to accept credit card payments

Exclusively for new-to-Elevate Customers, collect payments digitally at only 0.01% fee (fee price 2.6%) per transaction!

  • Send free digital payment requests
  • Enable free automatic payment reminders to customers
  • Enjoy instant payment reconciliation
  • Let customers earn rewards on their credit card payments

Download the

Elevate for Business

app for free.

Mobile phone of Elevate app home screen. Get started and download the Elevate for Business app for free

Built for your growth

Access funds you need to pay your suppliers on time and unlock tools to speed up your payment collection.

Send a digital payment request via Elevate

Request and collect payments directly into your account

Send digital payment requests to clients and get paid into your Elevate Account. Enable automatic payment reminders so that you no longer have to do the chasing.

Send a digital payment request via Elevate
Accept credit card or bank transfer payments online, without integration

Accept multiple payment methods

Improve your chances of getting paid on time by offering credit card acceptance alongside bank transfers. Plus, your customers will earn card rewards in the process.

Leverage a credit line to pay for upfront construction labour and material cost.

Boost your business now, pay later

Leverage a credit line to pay for upfront costs. Enjoy up to 55 days of interest-free cash.

Leverage a credit line to pay for upfront construction labour and material cost.

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