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How Blockz Lab saved over 40 manpower hours a month with Elevate

Elevate Team Mar 19, 2024 2:27:54 PM



of time spent doing his company finances.

Accesses credit at 


Interest rate.



of monthly revolving credit.

“I save about 15% of my time monthly on moving funds around. Before, we had to pull together funds stored in different places, but now I can just draw it down from a single platform.”

–Zechariah David, Founder of Blockz Lab Pte Ltd



Blockz Lab is a consultancy and academy that helps business owners, investors and innovators diversify responsibly into Digital Assets and Blockchain to keep up with the changing economic landscape. They also provide corporate workshops and training, and individual consultancy services for clients that are looking to incorporate digital assets as well as to improve their business processes. Their clients include local schools, startups, as well as SMEs amongst others.



When founder Zechariah started the company, he needed software that could help streamline his current business processes. He was originally using CardUp to optimise rewards he earned on his credit card, and got to know of Elevate (a product jointly built by CardUp and Funding Societies) as a cash flow management tool for SME businesses and decided to give it a try. 

A common and often unknowingly overlooked issue for many SME businesses is cash flow gaps stemming from varying payment cycles, fluctuating demand (the nature of a consulting business), and late payments from clients, all of which similarly plagued Blockz Lab since its inception. For example, his client would typically only pay after he has finished conducting a workshop, and is given a 30 day payment term when invoiced. This means the agreement could have been signed a month before the date of the workshop, and if the client pays on the 30th day from the date of invoice, he could be getting payment only 2 months after the agreement was signed. Being a financially savvy person, Zechariah was able to handle these well on his own, but sought to look for better ways to manage his company’s finances. 

"Sometimes, I only receive payments from clients up to 2 months after signing the agreement. This means I had to wait 60 days for money to come in, causing more admin work to be done to better organise my business operations. "


When Zechariah came across Elevate Credit Line, he realised having access to a line of credit in one account would save him time, as he no longer has to move funds around between accounts. In addition, the working capital can be used as emergency funds on a rainy day.

Doing his due diligence, he looked at other available options in the market, but found that Elevate had the most convenient and straightforward application process. 

“The application process was very easy as opposed to traditional banks, which typically require multiple documents, a longer turnaround time, and charge fees.”

It has helped both him and his team save more time with the admin work when they do their company’s finances every month. 

“I save about 15% of my time monthly on moving funds around. Before, we had to pull together funds stored in different places, but now I can just draw it down from a single platform.”


Now, Zechariah utilises his full S$20k credit limit each month to pay his employees, fulfill his company’s admin processes, and invest in business growth. He also takes advantage of the 0% interest period, ensuring timely repayments are made so that his credit line replenishes and is available for use again in the next cycle. This gives him leverage to stay ahead of the game and the bandwidth for emergency situations. 


Join Zech and other SMEs in optimising your business operations. Enjoy fast application and approval, up to S$20,000 credit limit at 0% interest for up to 55-days. Plus, get an Elevate Account and an unlimited 1% Business Cashback Card instantly upon successful approval!



Disclaimer: Approved credit limit is subject to credit assessment.